Not all roads are like the M25

Hey there and thanks for joining me!

For over 17 years I have been in debt almost every day and it really isn’t a very nice place to be.

My road to financial freedom curently feels like the M25. If you’re from the UK, you’ll know that very often your journey can come to a complete standstill, it’s entirely possible to go ‘the wrong way round’ and unless you follow a new direction at some point, you will just go round and round in circles. It is without doubt one of the most frustrating roads in the UK.

I often think, there must be more to life than what I currently enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things I have in my life to feel very grateful for.

Apart from being a little overweight I enjoy good health. I live I nice, warm house. I’ve had a successful career. In fact I’ve earned a more-than decent salary since I stepped into the world of work at 16. I’ve changed jobs more times than I can remember, but each of them has given me new skills enabling me to take another step up on the career ladder.

I’m also very lucky to have a wonderful family and some fantastic friends who have given me some of the best times along with memories to cherish. I also have a husband whom I adore.

So, lots there to be really pleased about yet still, it’s the grey cloud that is money hangs over me. Month in, month out there is always so much more ‘month’ than money. It has always been this way and recently I’ve been thinking perhaps it always will.

I suppose a good place to start, would be to work out how much debt I actually have. To many readers this my sound ridiculous but I am sure to many of you you won’t be entirely sure of yours either.

I do have a rough idea though of the amount and without proper analysis of any kind, would guess it is more than my annual salary. Given that I already work two jobs, both of which I quite enjoy I know that ‘working more’ or ‘working harder isn’t going to get me out of this mess.

Time is not something that I am hugely blessed with and therefore something needs to be drastically different if I’m ever to get of this hamster wheel that I (currently) call life.

So here we are at Today. The day on which I embark on a new journey. I haven’t bought a map yet and I certainly cannot afford a sat-nav so I’ll guess I will have to start by figuring out where I want to go, engaging first gear and release the handbrake.

Join me as I set out on my (long) road to a debt free me. With any luck we will at least go the right way round. Who knows, with the right map, I might reach my final destination – A debt free me.

Welcome along and enjoy the ride!

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  1. A fantastic first post and I look forward to seeing you become debt free in the future. My wife and I are in a similar boat, we managed to get into more debt than our salaries put together. We would bury our heads in the sand hoping all of it would just go away, and it never did.

    We then had a discussion and decided to use Step Change who are a charity that can help with debts. They didn’t consolidate our debts, but they did offer some great advice for us and told us how much money we should be putting into our credit cards each month with a target end date. It was super helpful and I hope that if you decide or have decided to use them, they help you out too.

    I also saw on one of your replies, you say you need to slow down and correct your spelling/grammar, I know of a great plugin called Grammarly that can help. It’s a very useful tool that you can install within your browser. 😊

    Good luck with your future and I wish you all the best.

  2. Great post! Good luck with your journey. I’m also trying to find my way to being debt free. It’s a bit of a long haul with student loans, but we’re on our way. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I just came across your blog through the Blogging Tribe on Twitter and I am genuinely excited for you to be debt free!

    I’ll keep reading!
    Keep on going 🙂

    As I will be taking notes as the UK think it’s acceptable to charge £9k per year for university.

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