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Isn’t it amazing how “It’s only £xx per month” items quickly add up?! 

In my post My February Goals I said I would audit my bank account. Wouldn’t it be interesting if I noted everything that started life as “It’s only £xx per month, that won’t make much of a difference”. I am quite sure that it will run into many hundreds of pounds!

In fact, watch this space! – I’ll do it next week! 

One such item is my monthly ticket in the Postcode Lottery.

Here’s how it went in my mind:

Only £10 per month? 

To be added to all those different draws?

You mean I can have 3 tickets? 

3 chances to win on all those draws?

You have to be in it to win it. I’ll have three.

And they say, thank you very much, that’s £30 a month please. We’ll just take it out by direct debit each month so you don’t notice it AND you don’t even need to visit the shops and remember to buy a ticket each week! 

I know. I’m up to my eyeballs in debt and still I think £360 a year on lottery tickets is a brilliant idea! Genius!

What makes matters somewhat worse is they now advertise on the TV all the time! 

Somebody’s knockin’ at the door, somebody’s ringin’ the bell! Do me a favour, open the door and seeee! 

It really gets in your head doesn’t it! Oh, and the joy on everyone’s faces when they get presented with that great big cheque! (That could be me I think).

So, Whilst I know they are doing many things for great causes and of course, there is a chance I could win the big bucks, perhaps, for now I should opt to put £360 back into my bank over the next 12 months instead. 

Luckily, whilst I wouldn’t say I am a gambler at all, other than the odd lottery line, I do like to feel like I’m in it to win it and so I’ve found a free postcode lottery called  Pick My Postcode which makes its money by selling advertising space on its website. 

It’s quite a clever idea really, I wish I’d thought of it! Drive people back to your website every day to see if they’ve won. What an advertisers dream! But, I’m ok with this as at least I’m now in it and it hasn’t cost me a single penny. 

I feel chuffed, I’ve just saved £30 a month in one click of a button! 

Good luck if you decide to join too! 

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  1. Fantastic seeing you’ve found a way to save £30 a month and replaced it with a free version, that’s amazing. 😊

    As I was reading this, I was thinking that PMP would be a good replacement. I hope you win this time around and it helps you pay off some of your debt.

  2. So terrifying thinking about it like that. I have 2 different music subscriptions that ultimately are the same thing but I convince myself that I need them both.

    Great post and very glad that you’ve managed to save yourself an extra £30, that’ll definitely add up to a nice saving!! Xx

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