My February Goals

I’ve read a few posts from fellow bloggers now and almost all of them mention taking some time to think about goals.

Clearly my most long term goal is to be debt free, but I thought I’d start here by writing my short term goals for me and my debts and a few connected specifically to this blog.

Like anything, when you think about your ‘end goal’ it can sometimes feel really (really) far away and so I’m going to focus for now on ten small goals, which I am confident I can achieve.

I’m going to spend the rest of this month really thinking about how I am going to get further down that road to being debt free.

So here are my first ten goals

I am going to learn how much debt I actually have.

I will write a budget including all of my income and expenditure.

I’m going to cancel as many standing orders and direct debits for things I never use. (sorry Gym I can see you in my sights).

I will stop buying wine on the way home from the office. I always tell myself I need this after a long day, but a shed load of money gets poured straight into my liver.

I’m going to take my lunch to work with me each day and not buy any fast food.

And… in relation to my blog I have three, simple goals.

I will keep on connecting with the lovely blogging community and aim to have 200 followers on Twitter. I think this is really achievable for my first month as a new blogger!

Given that I am writing a blog, I will write another 5 or 6 posts to add to my page. 

And… the one I’m most nervous about… I will learn how to use Pinterest. I have to say it really is a mystery at the moment. As always though, there is plenty for me to learn.

So there you have it, my ten goals for February. Some related to my debt and me making a start at getting a grip, understanding how big the problem actually is as well as well as some practical ways I can spend less. In terms of my blog, well who knows but if I can achieve these three things, I’ll head in to March really pleased with where I am.

I was so pleased to have received such support and kind messages after writing my first post, which you can read here.

Heres to February!

Do let me know what your goals are in the comments and please do join me on Twitter here and help me reach my follower goal too!

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  1. Great goals. You are doing so well already. Taking lunch to work, and even doing some proper meal plans for meals at home really helps with budgeting and shopping. I love to do that. It’s time consuming but it helps you feel better about yourself.
    Blogging goals really simple and achievable. Best way to be. Don’t want to overload yourself with too much! Pinterest is new to me and so confusing. We will get there!

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