A diversion that lasted 9 months!

I can hardly believe that nine whole months have passed since I last wrote an update.

Lots has changed over this time, I could probably start a whole blog just on this period alone but for now I’ll leave that there and come back to some of it in future posts.

The road to becoming debt free has, sadly, been blocked over this time – Road Closed I guess you could say, or if I was being slightly more positive, I should probably say “we’ve been on a very long and windy diversion!

I’m sat here feeling at quite a low point if I’m truthful. Never in my life before have I struggled with my Mental Health, but a visit to my GP informs me that this is what’s wrong.

Ever feel like you’ve been driving for hours on end but you still have 8 hours to go before you’re half way there?!

Or that you’ve had such a good journey, you’ve made up extra time as the roads have been kind only to find that the only thing separating you from your destination is the last few miles but that the road is severely flooded and you’ve got no choice but to turn around and take a 10 mile detour? – yep! That’s me at the moment.

I feel like a constant failure all the time because I am up to my neck in debt. I think this blog could very well turn into a debt and a mental health blog if I was to really empty my mind when putting pen to paper, maybe that would make a difference, who knows?

I’ve been prescribed medication and have been advised to undertake CBT or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help with the negative self-talk that eats me up more and more these days.

It may be against my doctors advice, but for now I am going to try and avoid the medication and put in place other steps to improve my mind and my wallet including getting some more exercise, cutting right down on the alcohol I drink to help me float away from reality and up my vitamins, minerals and all round better my diet.

Just cutting down on alcohol alone is bound to make me feel better and just as important right now – will save me precious cash. Have you ever added up what you spend on alcohol or tobacco etc? Over the course of a year that would make a huge difference to the amount left in my bank account each month.

Right now, the time is now for a fundamental shift in my life. I really don’t want to use the term “take back control” because didn’t Theresa May say that over and over again and it turned out she didn’t! Perhaps I should put my focus into becoming Strong and Stable!? – no maybe not as we know how that one worked out for her too. Hmm, back to the drawing board I think to create a plan. A plan so cunning, you will be able to pin a tail on it and call it a fox.

I’ll be back soon and will be better at diarising the next few weeks ahead, there is so much going on and Father Christmas is getting ready but I am going to give me self an hour or two each day to be kinder to myself and my mind.